Will Stenzel


I'm a computer science graduate from Northeastern interested in creating products and building teams.

Learn more about me, check out the projects I work on in my free time, or see where I've worked.

About me


I like the challenge of bringing together ideas from different places and turning them into something tangible. That could be a new recipe, an outdoor adventure, or a software application. Since I was a kid, I've always loved the process of creating a vision, getting others involved, and making things happen. While at Northeastern, I was fortunate to have an environment where I could explore new projects with other passionate people.

I am inspired by people who love to learn and are innovative and mindful in how they live their life.


My Mantras

  • Consume less, create more
  • Don't seek success, seek to be useful
  • Be nice to others - everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about

What I do for fun

  • Surfing/Skiing/Swimming
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Cooking with friends
  • Finding new places on my bike

Meaningful Projects




February 2020 → December 2021

Envisioned and developed a program to help people turn their software ideas into reality. We provide an opportunity for students to come together with others, develop their ideas, and create solutions to real world problems with the help of mentors.

Office Hours

May 2020 → May 2021

Spearheaded a project to create an office hours web app that manages the queueing system for students and TA's and provides useful analytics to professors and administrators at Northeastern. The app supported 1,300+ students the first semester in use.

Technologies used - NestJS, Next.js / React

Work Experience


Alignable - Developer (Click toggle to expand) June-December 2021
  • Developed features and fixed bugs using Rails and React as part of the engagement team
  • Took initiative to help overhaul the deployment system

Prota Ventures - Developer January-July 2020
  • Software engineer for RiseKit, a start-up connecting un(der)employed job candidates to careers, training, and resources while providing analytics to employers and nonprofits
  • Developed features and end-to-end testing infrastructure using Cypress
  • Actively contributed to discussions on start-up ideas and companies for the venture studio

Boston Microgreens - Developer January-October 2019
  • Architected a web app for crop inventory management, IoT-enabled data collection, and agricultural operations which became the core operating software for the start-up

Juni Learning - Computer Science Instructor April-August 2019
  • Taught one-one-one lessons on fundamental computer science skills on a weekly basis

Northeastern Khoury College - Software Engineering Intern May-July 2019
  • Worked on a web app to streamline management of data and administrative information

BlockTEST - Software Engineering Intern January-April 2019
  • Developed Solidity smart contracts and improved backend analytics for blockchain developers




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